Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 360

Toys are all over the place. We're eating way more than our rec daily allowance of sugar. Everyone is happy just hanging out. It's the day after Christmas - ahhh. We can clean up tomorrow right?
We also had a fun little party with my family and the Taylors at Wyatt's place. Can't remember the last time we got together with them. And I really can't remember the last time Wyatt hosted ANYTHING :) It was fun. And funny. Especially the game where you take turns trying to open a present while wearing full snow gear. Ty loved it! He was so excited by the commotion that he kept running into the middle and taking the hat off whoever had it, yelling "my turn! my turn!" We actually did give him a few turns. And it turns out that he was the one, along with Sam, that finally got the gift opened and won the DVD that was inside. We also played Win, Lose or Draw and Kaitlyn did a great job with that. She came up with her own clues and drew them all by herself.

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