Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 343

(need photo)
Tyler's 3 year old check was today. It's the first time we've taken him to the dr since his 2 yr. I'm so glad my kids are healthy. He gets the occasional cold but it doesn't hit him very hard or set him back for more than a day or two.
Tyler weighs 31 pounds (that puts him in the 50% percentile) and is 37 3/4" tall (70% percentile) and is right on track with everything. Our healthy, (mostly) happy 3 year old! He is even up to date on immunizations, so no shots! :) He was very cooperative with the doctor and spent any time we were waiting, laying on the table drawing on the paper cover. He had a great time tracing his hands and feet. I wish MY doctor visits were this pleasant.
I also talked to the doc about the cough that Katy has had for weeks. She sent us home with a script for Albuterol and we're hoping that we will see marked improvement on the cough by Kaitlyn's check up next week.

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