Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 356

It was a big day at school for Kaitlyn today. As the last day before Christmas break they had their school Christmas Program. The kindergarten sang 2 numbers. (We had rotten seats - though I think MOST seats in that place are rotten - and thus got rotten photos. Plus I was trying to catch most of the performance on the video camera since Sam had to work and couldn't come to the performance) Kaitlyn did a great job. She was pretty serious about it - no smiles out of our girl during it. But she was very excited to see me afterward and her first question was "did I do a great job?!" She was also complaining about having to stand between 2 boys (she calls it "boy trapped). My mom and Lenore (her sister) also came to the performance. And kindly took Tyler home with them afterward.
The last hour of class was their school party and as usual I was there to help. We kept it pretty simple this time. The only thing I was in charge of was helping out with the snack station, where the kids decorated cupcakes. I had run across a recipe for Peppermint Punch (ginger ale and peppermint ice cream) that they seemed to enjoy.
When we went to Mom's to pick up Tyler we ended up hanging out there the rest of the day. We all watched a movie together (and Ty fell asleep on Grandpa). Then the guys and Kaitlyn (luckily Sam got home early again and could take her) went to the pool. Ty went feeding with Grandpa. And the three of us girls went shoe shopping and tried out a new aerobics class (Zumba - it's a take-off on latin/salsa). It completely wore us out, but it was a lot of fun. (and in general I hate to work out so that's a big compliment to the teacher).

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