Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 358

Christmas Eve! Oh the excitement!
A short day at work for Sam meant he got to join us for everything - everything EXCEPT the time I spent scrubbing bathrooms first thing in the morning. But he was there by the time we started working on the cookies for Santa. These were Kaitlyn's request - she got a Pink Princess Tea Party recipe book as one of her 12 Days gifts (from gma Jackson) and thought Santa needed ladybug cookies. So we made a batch of sugar cookies, some round for the ladybugs and some using the Christmas cookie cutters.
The afternoon/evening was spent with Sam's family. The kids were SO excited about the whole prospect of Christmas that they just couldn't hold still. They were either running around like wild things or trying to wrestle each other. The opening of the presents appeased them for a while but pretty soon Kaitlyn was asking (over and over and over) when it was time to go home. She was anxious to open the gifts holding their new pjs and set out the cookies for Santa. Oh, and we had to set up the new bed tents that Orvil, Sharon, and Krystal had given them. Yep, it was a busy busy night.

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