Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Week 5

 Bambi turned one year old!  She definitely doesn't look like a puppy anymore, even though most of the time she acts like one.  We're all happy to have her, obviously.  We celebrated her birthday with a quick photo and a new puzzle treat toy.  I assume she's one happy pup.

 Snow Days!  I say this with both amusement and frustration.  Snow isn't new to us, but it sure is an Event in North Carolina.  They were predicting snow for Tuesday night, so of course the school decided that letting out early wasn't good enough, they had to skip school entirely on Tuesday.  And it didn't snow until well after dark.  Urgh.  This is what we woke up to Tuesday morning though.  About 3" of new snow and the sun shining.
 The kids could hardly wait to get out in it.  It almost felt like Christmas.  They were up early and anxiously looking out the window until the sun was up and I finally let them bundle up (in our less-than adequate snow gear) and head outside to make snow angels and throw snowballs.

 Thank goodness for that dog.  When the rest of us were tired of the snow she was still happily letting Tyler throw snowballs at her and chase her around the back yard.
That's pretty much what we did for the next THREE days.  Yes, they cancelled school not only on Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday as well.  Sam got most of that time off, also.  And no, we didn't get any additional snow.
The kids would play outside until their fingers were cold, come inside to warm up and play in the playroom, then eventually head back out to get cold and wet all over again.

 We've also been trying to make use of the our neighborhood gym to get us all a little active and headed down there to work out a couple of times.
 Then by Sunday, complete reversal of the weather.  Snow was all gone and it was warm enough to go without jackets.

 Let's see - what else is noteworthy from the week?  I've been trying to get everyone in more healthy habits this month.  In an effort to boost the nutrition I've added in daily protein shakes for the kids and they love it.  Usually Kaitlyn or I make them, but Tyler has started to want to be more independent and is learning how to do it himself.
 There's usually projects and messes underway in our garage.  Over the weekend we did another big build day for drying racks.  And for the first time I let Kaitlyn help me out a little bit sanding countdown blocks.