Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Week 17

She lost another tooth!  At this rate she isn't going to have any teeth left to chew with.
 Thursday hike!

Got some Baby Miles time in today.  He got to play at my house while Jeannette took Zeyah to a movie.  Miles is the easiest baby EVER.  He spent the whole time just exploring and talking to himself and thought the dog was hilarious too.  He would just sit there and look at her and laugh (though the one time she licked his face he got upset, thus the reason she is hanging out in the kennel).
And finally the weather and our schedules gelled and we got BEACH TIME!  The water was still really cold, but the kids didn't let that stop them.

At the end of an afternoon spent shopping (Sunday) with this little sweetie I asked her if she wanted to check out one more store. When she found out it was entirely filled with jewelry and accessories she was in heaven. My little diva.  She's a pretty good little shopping buddy too.  And Mom/Kate time is always fun.

Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 Week 16

Spring Break!  Much to my own disappointment (let alone that of the kids) Sam couldn't take the time off to go anywhere for Spring Break and as it turned out we were swamped with orders for drying racks so I was working a lot too.  However, we did take a few breaks from the daily grind to have some fun with the kids.
We did lazer tag, arcade games, and mini golf at Adventure Landing.  Lots of fun.

Ty rode his bike through the "road" they are creating for Phase 2 of the subdivision.  Obviously that wasn't a great idea and he came home covered in mud.

I have also been determined to get all the outside projects done ASAP so I put the kids to work one day.  They painted the trellis that we put under the deck (to keep the dog from digging under there anymore) for a good couple of hours before they ran out of steam.  I spent most of the day on my stomach under the deck putting down new weed barrier the respreading the gravel over it (not fun.  Not fun at all) while Sam cut the trellis and installed it (after we had finished painting it for the kids).
Easter Egg decorating.  This year we tried out the shaving cream method.

Kaitlyn wasn't hugely impressed - for some reason she had her heart set on the usual dying method.  But the eggs did turn out very colorful.

Family game night.  Tyler usually plays on a "team" with someone but he was on his own that night and won most of the rounds all by himself.
Easter morning - checking out the buckets and new gifts from Mom and Dad.  Kaitlyn got new roller blades (she picked them out herself weeks ago), a glow in the dark soccer ball and a set of Ever After High dolls.  Tyler got the glow in the dark football he had been hoping for, a new camera, and a torpedo toy for the pool.
The kids were up VERY early (like almost before the Easter Bunny!) Good thing Kaitlyn was good enough to keep her brother occupied and away from the windows until the bunny had finished hiding the eggs.  They had to wait for the sun to come up before we let them go outside to hunt for eggs.

Easter dinner, compliments of the chef (Sam, of course) was ham, twice baked potatoes and home made rolls.
Oh - and let's not forget the kids' new tablet!  These super smart kiddos have been saving up their money and pooling it to buy themselves a new tablet.  It's been fun and kind of inspiring to hear them plot week after week about what they will do with the tablet.  They would down and count their money and add up how much more they need to earn.  They even took the initiative to look at Best Buy online and figure out how much tablets cost and how much they would need to earn - including tax.  Thanks to birthday and Christmas cash and doing well with chores they had finally earned enough for the tablet and I had spent an hour online with them finding the best deal on a good tablet and ordering it for them.  It arrived this week and they couldn't have been happier (though I did ruin the fun a bit and not let them open the box until after Easter gifts had had their time to be used and enjoyed).