Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 359

I love it.
I love that Kaitlyn was so excited that she woke up at 5AM, went out to see if Santa had dropped off anything, then crept into my room and whispered "I'm so happy, Mom."
I love that she and I were then able to spend the next hour in her room, on her bed, inside her tent, chatting - after we went out to the living room for her to show me that Santa had indeed brought her a bike - while we gave the guys a bit longer to sleep. It was SO hard for Kaitlyn to be patient about it but the little sweetie didn't complain.
I love the looks on my children's faces when they realized their Christmas wishes had been fulfilled. And that we were able to make that possible. And to see their excitement over and over again as each gift was revealed. I have to say - everyone and everything was pretty much dead on when it came to gift giving this year. The kids have a few absolute favorites, but they (and Sam and I - except the glitter hair spray. Colette, that's MESSY! :) ) were in love with everything and fully appreciated and played with/used everything...eventually.
I love seeing my kids together and how much they enjoy each other. Kaitlyn was right there with Ty helping him open every gift (she designated that they take turns and was the one prompting him to open the next one when he got wrapped up in a toy) and oohing and ahhing over everything along with him.
I love that we were able to spend the holidays with so many friends and family (both today and throughout this month).
I didn't love that I burned my hand at breakfast and had to spend the rest of the day carrying ice around. But it's ok, it didn't detract much from the day and the hand was feeling mostly better by bedtime.
I love that all the new stuff kept the kids extra busy and happy. The day was so peaceful with no one arguing over things over getting bored. The road was even clear enough that Kaitlyn could go out and try her new bike. She thinks it's so fun that it also has a seat for a Barbie and had to take both her new Barbies out there with her.
I love that I didn't have to cook or worry about what was for dinner since we ate at Mom's house. And followed that up with games.
I love love love Christmas!

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