Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 350

Those elves are into mischief again. Usually Kaitlyn find them and cleans up after them before I get a chance to document their activities. But this morning we really caught them in the act. Twinkle was all tangled in the wrapping paper and Tinsel had bows and ribbons all over the place.

We had Kaitlyn's 6 year old check up today (yes, later than I usually do it. We had to postpone the first one we had scheduled and this was the first day available). We left Tyler with my mom and made an afternoon of it. Kaitlyn was great. Is perfect. Tiny, but that's normal for her. And was so happy she didn't need any shots :) After finishing up at the dr's office we went shopping. Kaitlyn selected a gift to give to Tyler. This turned into quite a process. At first she wanted to just grab something off the shelf and go. But when I convinced her to really look around she changed her mind at least 3 times before settling on one.
Stats: 38 pounds (10th percentile - told you she was small), 44" tall (25th percentile)

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