Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 340

I have been itching to put up the Christmas tree, this year even more than usual because I have all new decorations for the tree. But it takes up so much space I made myself wait until after Tyler's party. So today was the day to put it up. Yay. Except I had problems with the lights and with the stand. About gave up on the stinking thing 3 different times. But in the end I won! And I have to say, after we got the lights on, the decorating did get enjoyable. The kids had a great time and were actually very helpful, especially Kaitlyn. She was always ready and willing to hand me things and she put the majority of the ornaments on all by herself. (and I only moved 1! Coming from a Christmas tree perfectionist, that's high praise) Tyler kept himself busy with his toys (making a bit of a mind-field for me with all the cars on the floor), but did help with the last bit of ornaments. And the end result is beautiful. I love Christmas.
Did I mention that the kids are sick today? Kaitlyn has had a fever and chills. Ty, the sleepless night and runny nose. Yet despite that, they have been on best behavior all day. Aaaaaah.
Oh and today the elves were found in the living room, where most of the party was waiting to be cleaned up. Twinkle had stolen one of the chocolates from the advent calendar (that we have forgotten to eat for the past couple days) and was hiding in Ty's new barn. And Tinsel was riding around on the toy tractor.

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