Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Week 38

Pretty rainbow on my walk with Sally one morning.  The big storm didn't hit until that afternoon.
Tyler has taken to sleeping with as many stuffed animals as we will let him sleep with - or that he can sneak into the bed after we tuck him in!  Shamu is one of his favorites lately, thought most of them get a turn.
Craft mess all over the place.  Lots and lots and lots of sewing, painting, etc going on
And our first real craft show was Saturday!  The set up went well, it was a beautiful day, lots of people (and people watching!  It was Mule Days in Benson, so there were plenty of "cowboys/cowgirls" with fun cowboy boots and outfits).  Overall sales though - blah. :(
Tyler lost his first tooth!  (9/23/2012)  He decided to have an apple with his dinner and that was all it took to get it to finally fall out.  He was pretty excited.  I whipped together a Tooth Tin for it and Sam took him to the grocery store to pick out ice cream to celebrate.
I'm really not sure if he got any sleep last night.  I realized I needed to check on the tooth fairy status at 3AM and when I went in his room I found him wide awake.  He never did fall asleep after that.  Good thing that tooth fairy is sneaky and still managed to leave some money!

Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 Week 37

It's been a very full week, with a lot of different things going on.
Lots of crafting on my part.  A friend and I are going to participate in a craft show and I've been working on items for that, plus new items for the etsy shop.  One morning this week I even managed to get Sally and baby Isabella over here for a photo shoot/hat modeling session.  She's a very happy cutie pie :)

We found Tyler had a loose tooth, then shortly thereafter discovered that the adult tooth was already pushing through behind it.  So I rushed to find a dentist and get him in for a check up.  The check up went very well and Ty's teeth are fantastic.  And the dentist said not to worry - his 2 bottom teeth will soon be falling out on their own.
It's time for the annual round of children's consignment sales, which Audrey always gets me excited about.  So I spent some time pulling together and tagging anything the kids were no longer using then headed to Audrey's on Thursday.  She had signed us up to volunteer at her son's school so we could get in on the pre-presale :)  So we had an hour of sorting and setting up, and hour running the cash box, and another hour of fun finding great deals for the kids.  Most of the rest of the day I just tagged along with her on her errands and routines with her kids (super-busy Thursday for her), then we were able to leave the kids with her husband (and mine were home with Sam, obviously - so nice!  And you know they had fun) and hit our second pre-sale then out for a yummy dinner (shrimp and grits!  The only southern food I get excited about, and only at one of her favorite local restaurants), but skipped the opportunity to see a movie (really annoying when you get to go see one for once and nothing sounds good) and started in on party prep for Maddy's bday party the next day.  We went to bed at some point around midnight.  Friday morning we hit one more sale (at this point we both had quite a few new things - including replacement slippers for Tyler's obviously well-loved and well-used old pair in the photo), then I helped out with errands/party prep until it was time for me to head home and get ready for my own party.  We had a family over for dinner (first real dinner party this year - no idea why we don't do it more often!) and it was a lot of fun.
Saturday it was back to craft show prep with more projects and a trail run of the tent set up for the craft show (we needed a photo of the set up for annother show application).

Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 Week 36

Just finishing up the long Labor Day weekend.  No real plans or Have Tos allowed us to spend plenty of time relaxing at home or at the pool.  Sam even had time to make homemade cinnamon rolls MMMMM.  We all overidulged that morning and had more than one for breakfast!

"No I can handle it!"  That's what Tyler said when Sam asked if he needed help finishing his second cinnamon roll.  In the end he didn't finish it, but he did eat all the icing off the top!
 Ahhh pool time.  Our neighborhood pool has saved us from many a hot and cranky free day at home.  We've gotten very good at quickly packing up the cooler and the bags, slathering on the sunscreen and spending a few hours in the water - sometimes enjoying the company of the neighbors but often getting the pool all to ourselves and enjoying that.
The kids absolutely love swimming and Tyler in particular has made huge improvements since the first of the year.  His latest accomplishment is swimming under water.  He takes a big deep breath, puffing out his cheeks, then under he goes!  He's actually faster at the under water part than he is with his doggie paddle across the top of the water.

You rarely catch Kaitlyn without her goggles because this girl LOVES to dive in the water, swim underwater, and have races across the pool with me as often as I will agree to it.  She's gotten pretty "tricky" lately attempting to "dive" backward or doing twists and turns or funny feet positions when she jumps.
Sam was in a particularly playful mood on Monday and was throwing the kids in the water and letting them stand on his shoulders. 

The long-awaited first day of Kindergarten arrived!  Tyler was so excited he woke up before 6:30 AM and we easily had him ready to go out the door, plus take the time for some decent "first day" photos and he still had enough time to clean up his toys (so the house was even clean on my first day having it all to myself)
I drove him to school on the first day - more for my own peace of mind than anything else.  Tyler had no problem finding his classroom and seemed to know exactly what he should be doing once he got there.  No hesitation, no fear - just confidant and fully ready to start the new school year.
I was a little sad all day knowing that my little guy is getting so grown up - but I didn't cry! ;)

He did great riding the bus home - and Kaitlyn did a great job as a big sister making sure he was where he needed to be and that he followed the rules on the bus.  And instead of being tired after his long day at school, he was hyper - and teasing!

Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Week 35

First Day of School - woohoo!  Kaitlyn has been very excited (although she is old enough now to claim that she "doesn't really like" school) for school to start.  She had her outfit all picked out ahead of time (we made a special trip to the store to select one since we didn't do a big Back to School shopping day this year.  You should have seen how pleased she looked in the dressing room when she tried this particular outfit on. She was smiling and twirling and so happy - we both knew it was "the one") and woke up early all on her own.  She then had enough time to help with what has become our traditional first day of school breakfast - ABC shaped pancakes, or more specifically K and T pancakes.
I drove her to school and walked her to her classroom since we forgot to take all the school supplies to back to school night and it was too much to send on the bus.  Plus it gave me the opportunity to snap a fun photo of her at her desk :)  And Tyler had Kindergarten assessments first thing that morning as well.
When she got home, Kaitlyn said she had a good day and that she can already tell her teacher is "nicer than my last teacher."
Tyler, however was a bit lost without his sister.  He used to be really good about entertaining himself while she was at school but this week he has spent a lot of time following me around, wanting to be involved in whatever I'm doing, asking to watch TV, and talking my ear off :)
We did get in a bit of "trouble" from Kaitlyn for not being at the bus stop waiting for her after school.  So the next day we made a point to be there early.  And of course the bus was really late and it was raining and the umbrella I had grabbed was broken.  Needless to say, I told Kaitlyn that it wasn't worth it to meet her at the bus stop any more.
One of Kaitlyn's friends' from school has a new baby brother and I was lucky enough to meet him when we were all there for Kindergarten assessments for both of our 5 year old boys.  As it happens, I've been working on new products to sell for fall so I roped them into coming over for a newborn photo shoot.  It was a lot of fun and we ended up with some cute photos.