Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 36

I've been admiring all the fall leaves this week. The drive through the canyons is so pretty right now and since I've been out and about a lot this week I've hit all of them - Provo, Parley's, and Ogden Canyon. I need to get out with the camera before it's too late.

We had an open house Tuesday - the house has never been cleaner and no one showed up to see it! So frustrating. But it's only the first real week "on the market" so I really shouldn't expect much progress yet right?

The only photos I snapped this week were of Tyler - he's my little buddy now with Kate in school. I found him out behind the house one day Off Roading on his bike and having so much fun. He's All Boy I tell you - rough and tumble, dare devil, doesn't let being smaller than all the other kids slow him down. Sam and I are constantly amazed by him and how athletic he seems to be.

We had to go down to the base yesterday to get new ID cards, power of attorney, etc. Having Ty tag along was amazingly easy. He had a blast looking for trains on the drive (we saw 3!) and didn't complain one bit. We took a little time out to show him the planes on the base (need to get the photo of him by a couple of the planes off Sam's phone and post them) and he thought that was cool. And Sam and I are happy to be this much closer to getting things taken care of. One more trip down to the base Monday for a briefing on the move and he'll be off...yikes! Some days it hits hard that it's all Real and actually happening - yesterday was one of those days.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 35

Dance class has started! Tyler now goes on Friday mornings (of course I forgot the camera in the rush to help Mom set up for the first day) and Kaitlyn's class in on Monday afternoons.

Of course, most of our time this week has been devoted to getting ready for the move and the sale of the house. Sam has the paperwork in and will be leaving in a little over a week (ack!) so he will be all set to start his first day on Oct 4. And I've been doing a declutter on everything, especially the closets, so that we're all set to start showing people through it. Fingers crossed it sells fast!
(These are the photos I took to put on the flyers.)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 34

It was a week of ups and downs. Friday my computer screen died (and you know I'm lost without it!) and since I was already stressed to the max about Sam finding out about a new job...well it wasn't the best Friday ever. Also, no photos for this week because I haven't loaded the software onto Sam's computer. And I'm pretty sure I didn't pull the camera out much this week anyway - ugh.

We decided to have some fun on Saturday so we took the kids to the pool. Then they went to Gma and Gpa's for a sleepover and Sam and I had a date - which he planned. He packed a picnic for us and we went up to Smith and Morehouse and hiked a bit. It just so happenend to be our 12th (12!) anniversary of the day we got engaged so we spent a lot of time reminiscing.

It was Labor Day Weekend (kicking ourselves that we didn't think ahead and go camping or something) and somehow we muddled through the rest of the weekend. Tuesday morning Sam had word about the job - he got it! It's an AGR (Active Guard and Reserve) spot at Pope AFB in North Carolina, combat arms. So, huge change for us but we're very excited. And what a relief to finally have a direction for our lives. The rest of the week has been spent gearing up for the move - Sam doing paperwork and me starting the final declutter to get the house ready to sell.
*update: found a few photos from the week. Looks like Sam and Kaitlyn made pretzels too.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 33

Just a few highlights from the week

We took the kids to the aquarium - fun.

Granpa Brent's 60th Birthday Party

Took the training wheels off and Tyler is now a two-wheeler riding pro! Honestly, it's amazing how quickly and how well he took to it.