Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Week 12

The puppy was my little buddy all this week, spending as much time as I could manage keeping me company while I got stuff done.  At this point she likes to be by people, but she's a puppy and gets into way too many things she shouldn't so especially when I was painting I had to keep her contained.  She was NOT a fan of that.  I was happy to see however, that all the construction vehicles going by our house didn't phase her one bit.  Once we get past the puppy stage, I think she's going to be pretty mellow.

 Bambi also got her first bath here.  Kaitlyn wanted to do it all herself but we knew the puppy wouldn't be cooperative (we were right - she wasn't a fan).  I love that Kate is so responsible when it comes to taking care of the puppy.  She makes sure the puppy is fed and has water.  She takes Bambi outside for a walk as soon as her homework is done and knows to put her outside a LOT to avoid accidents in the house.  Tyler is a pretty good help too, though he isn't big enough to manage the puppy much on his own.

 The Kindergarten does an Easter hat parade every year at the school.  The kids all get to make a fun hat then parade around the school to show it off to everyone, so we spent some time on Sunday making one for Ty.  Tyler decided he wanted his to be a "fire hat" so we took that idea and ran with it.  We used one of his dress up firemen hats and added some burning buildings, a "road" and some emergency vehicles.  He was pretty happy with the result, and looked very cute in it!