Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 45

Finished Mom and Dad's laundry room (mostly. they need to seal the grout and put everything back). Officially sold the house. Big snowstorm warnings - the storm didn't quite live up to the hype (they actually cancelled school for Wed!) but it still made life very difficult. Spent 12 hours driving to Bonnie's house for Thanksgiving. Postponed Thanksgiving dinner until Friday because Wyatt and Dad were delayed a day dealing with issues at home. But Sam did make it in to town (after delays of his own and luggage that didn't show up until the next day) right after we did so we were happy. Spent Thursday hanging out with Bon, Larry, and Mom.
So basically it was an eventful week but way too busy to stop and grab the camera.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 44

Took Ty to see the herd of elk that Dad spotted down by the river.

Saturday: Kaitlyn got to go swimming with a friend. Tyler and I spent most of the day at Wyatt's house doing laundry. Also got to have a quick visit with Louise which was really nice - I like her a lot and am so glad she seems to be winning her fight with bone cancer.
Sunday: Worked on the laundry room with Dad. Finally got the cementboard all laid.
Rhonda and Dave stopped by to play Santa (early). Their sequinned dancing Santa hats were hilarious. And the kids got totally spoiled.

Monday, Tues, Wed...all a bit of a blur but I know I was working on stuff with the house, running errrands, getting things done. Oh - and we finally got notice of our closing date on the house here- WOOOHOOO. We'll be out of here by Thanksgiving

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 43

Busy, busy, busy week!
We snuck in Tyler's birthday celebrations on Saturday before going into full Moving/Packing mode. He has a little party with his friends in the morning and they had SO much fun. And of course the grandparents came over in the evening to celebrate.

Monday brought the movers out. I spent the whole day sitting at the dining table with my computer for entertainment while they boxed up EVERYTHING. Oh how nice it was just to watch it all happen. This is what it all looked like Monday night.
Tuesday brought another set of movers and a giant moving truck. I can't believe how quickly and smoothly it all went - despite waking up to new snow (and a thick coating of ice from the rain the day before) and frantically running around trying to get the ice melted off the driveway and anything that had been left outside before the crew got there.

Wednesday was spent cleaning the empty house and having the inspector walk through. Tyler packed up some of his trucks and tractors and had a lot of fun playing on all that open carpet.
Phew! I can't believe all that was jammed into one little week.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 42

This week has been all about fall and Halloween of course.

Festivities at school for Kaitlyn. Trick or Treating on Saturday

And of course some raking leaves and jumping in piles later in the week. All this while I try to keep things going on the move and sale of the house, planning Tyler's eary birthday party, doing a little more on Mom and Dad's laundry room...