Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 8

It's Monday again - one full week! You wanted to see another photo of my laundry again right? :)
I debated about putting this one up or not but it really is what stands out in my mind from today. My stupid moment of the day - the year even. Tyler and I were in the backhoe helping Dad feed the cows - I was driving and Dad was kicking the hay off. But I didn't keep my eyes on the "road" and the kiddo very well. Ty ended up bumping the lever that controls the front bucket and it hit the ground when it shouldn't have. And bent the pin and the part that attaches the platform (that holds the hay and Dad). Dad was pretty upset and I felt pretty bad. Could have been a lot worse I guess. But that's what stands out in my day - a not very pleasant moment. Oh and to give you a little idea of the scale on that pin - it's about a foot long and at least 1" in diameter.
I'm posting something happy and super cute tomorrow - promise!


  1. Been there done that... well not that exactly, but I've been there and done that when I wasn't paying attention and my mistake pissed a farmer off. No fun!! But hey, you're laughing at my comment now aren't yah?? Chin up!

  2. Alayna..I know this bothered you a lot when we talked last night..remember you are human everyone makes mistakes. Hope today will be a better day for you!

  3. We're human A and we all make mistakes. Be thankful that noone got hurt...the backhoe can be fixed. Tomorrow will be a better day :)

  4. Oh no! I can only imagine your Dad, but think of it this way, at least it wasn't MY Dad!