Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 21

Today was low key. We spent the morning hanging out, working on things, and getting ready

for our party with Rhonda and Dave this afternoon. We usually have one with my family (meaning Mom, Dad, and Wyatt) and the two of them shortly before Christmas. But this year Rhonda left early for Oregon to see her brand new grandson - who just happens to share Tyler's birthday. So today was our belated Christmas party. And it was worth the wait. We had tons of great food. The grown ups played Scrabble and ping pong and pool. The kids were completely entertained messing around with everything in their game room, including the slot machine. This photo was taken when Ty won the jackpot - which is the first time that machine has hit a jackpot in the last 2 years Rhonda thought. The kids thought it was so cool to see the quarters come pouring out of the machine. Then a few minutes later our lucky little boy hit another big win. We're thinking we need to smuggle him into a casino in Vegas :)
But for now I'm tired and I'm going to bed!
Oh - can't forget (C and Jacalyn will appreciate this) - thanks to Rhonda for hosting and for giving me a FABULOUS new Coach purse! (for no reason too! we already exchanged gifts before Christmas)

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  1. ooo why didnt you post a picture of the purse! You know I wanna see!