Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 18

I had a hard time deciding which photo to post today - one of Ty helping Gma at the sewing this morning? One of my cousin playing basketball? (the first game we've made it to) One of Katy and Gram (my grandma) reading a book? But I settled on this one because I think it best shows how the entire day went - a bit jumbled but a lot of fun. This is the mess we all (me, the kids, my parents, and my grandma) made at the library during the hour we spent there. You see, we had decided to go watch my cuz play basketball but the freshman game was cancelled so we had an hour and a half to kill before the JV started. And it's really hard to find a way to waste time in a small town, especially in the winter. We ended up going out for ice cream then going to the library and it turned out to be fun for all. The game was good too. Kaitlyn got to play with Kaylee, Ty had fun watching the game and snacking (though he got tired toward the end and kind of hard to handle), and we won! Final score was something like 52 to 25. And Em, one of only 2 freshmen on the team (so we were a bit worried they wouldn't play her and we would have "wasted" the trip), ended up playing at least half the game and did a terrific job.

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