Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 33

I spent the morning cleaning and straightening up so that I could play all weekend. A few friends and I are having a mini-scrap retreat. We started at 4:00 and finally called it a night around midnight (thus the reason I am posting a bit late). I finished up 12 pages in that time. The photo is of my little scrap area at the end of the evening. Not too messy so far :) More scrapping again today! I'm not sure how long we will make it - my guess is up until my mom calls and says she has had enough of the kids. They had a slumber party there, which I am sure they all loved. But those little monkeys do tend to wear a person out.

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  1. Fun fun! (you do know you can alter the date you post your blog right? To make it the 'right' date if you want)