Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 16

This is my scrap mess from today. I didn't spend the whole day scrapping, but a decent chunk was spent at the table either scrapping or staring at my stuff wondering where my inspiration went. Grand total of productivity for the day is 2 pages and one card. I should clean it up now but I'm tired. If my photo tomorrow looks like this again, someone give me a good kick in the rear. When I cleaned up my scrap stuff yesterday (after having it out for more than a week) I promised myself I wouldn't leave it out anymore for days on end. But hey, at least it hasn't taken over the countertop on the island yet :)


  1. My dining room table is starting to look like that(for several days now..). I suppose I should just put stuff away and work on things in my room and reclaim the table for everyone...Looking at your picture is motivating me.. :) But at least you've been scrapping, that counts for something!

  2. At least you're creating! More than I can say of the last few days!!
    I have no idea if MWAH is an accronym... I've always thought of it as more of a sound... like when you kiss someone. LOL!! I don't know!! Ask me when I'm not doped up!! hehee