Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 14

Tyler's obsession: backhoes and dump trucks - just like Grandpa!
Today the kids went to the grocery store with my parents and Tyler came home with this newspaper-type advertisement for Caterpillar stuff. He wouldn't take a nap until he had completely looked it over. And he took one of the pages into bed with him.

That is pretty much it for my day. It's been kinda boring. I wanted to take just one more day of staying home doing nothing in the hope that my cold will start to fade. I guess we'll see how it goes tomorrow - because it's Get Things Done Monday.

Oh - and I want to let all of you that were worried know that yes my dad did want me to help him feed again, and no I didn't mess up this time :) Ty and I helped him out while Katy and Gma went to the movie. Then we stayed for a bit longer and helped lay out a quilt - by that point I think I was trying to avoid coming back home for another night alone. But I do have a movie from Netflix, which I'd better start NOW if I want to finish it before I fall asleep...bye!


  1. If you get lonely I'm always here. I was actually up scrapping tonight.

  2. My son Jacob, when he was Tyler's age, used to do the same thing with ceiling fan ads... go figure... he still likes ceiling fans... He's not as gung ho now as he was at that age, but still notices whether someone has a ceiling fan or not... You're riches are measured in ceiling fans with Jake.. :) And I'm glad that things seem to be "mended" with you and your dad, it's always upsetting when someone you care about a lot is unhappy with you, so I'm glad all is well... :)