Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Week 17

This week saw the last few days of Gma Jackson's visit, which were kind of low key.  The kids went off to school as usual, and Sam and his mom were able to spend a day out and about together on Monday, leaving me at home doing my usual Monday catch up/marathon.  Tuesday saw Sam back and work, and the two of us girls left at home pulling out hairbow making supplies.  And Wednesday was the trip to the airport.  It was a lot of fun to have Gma here for a visit but there always comes a time when we have to go back to regular life.  By the way, Tyler talked the ENTIRE ride to and from the airport.  Non-stop.  That kid has turned into quite the chatterbox!
Thursday saw me running errands and picking up an armful of plants for the yard (finally - perfectionism strikes again and it took me forever to commit to what I wanted to add to the yard this year).  The weather was up and down all day so I didn't get around to planting anything until the kids were home.  The kids were quite the little "helpers."  (If you are a parent you know what I mean - it always requires lots more time and patience when doing anything with kids helping out)  And that completes my spring yard work - woohoo!  Now I can sit back and just watch it all grow (fingers crossed the grass in the back yard kicks it in gear soon!)

We were out of energy this weekend.  Skipped the Fort Bragg Fair (too expensive).  Skipped the Dogwood Festival (didn't sound like our thing). Didn't want to make the drive to the zoo.  So instead we loaded the kids in the car for a mini shopping trip (and dropped off the rest of the stack for Goodwill - yay!  It had been taking up space in the garage since January), a movie, and out to dinner. Followed of course by a stop at the grocery store.  Family outings on the weekend rarely end without a trip to stock up for the week.
Kaitlyn was happy to hit a little milestone of her own this weekend.  It has been driving her crazy that a lot of her friends have made the transition to riding in the car without a booster seat and she was of course wanting to do the same.  She's just always been our tiny little girl and with the latest rules we figured she'd be stuck in a car seat until she was married :)  We did our research though, and sure enough she's old enough and when we looked at how far her legs were dangling off the booster well...we gave in.  I can't believe our little girl is getting so big!  It completely made her day.  When we had our usual bedtime conversation about the best thing of her day it wasn't the movie or eating out, it was getting rid of the booster seat that topped her list.

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