Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Week 16

All kinds of things going on this week:
Awards assembly for Kate - Bookworm (reading) award and Music award
Grandma Jackson came for a visit!  The kids were very excited to see her.  The first night they were bouncing off the walls, talking up a storm, and cuddling nonstop.  Tyler in particular couldn't get enough and spent a lot of time (the whole visit) hugging on her and telling her "I just can't stop lovng you."
On of Sam's requests during her visit was home made chicken noodle soup with mashed potatoes.  Kaitlyn was happy to have some one on one time learning how to make the noodles.
Of course a trip to the beach was in order.  The silly weather had us concerned as we had a lot of clouds and cooler temps this week.  It was pretty overcast when we left in the morning, but Friday was still the best weather prediction.  Luckily the sun came out shortly after we arrived at the beach and the kids were able to change into their suits and play in the water.
On Saturday we went to the Airborne Museum.  It was pretty cool, but I'm afraid the kids wanted to rush through it (as usual).
 They were however, excited to explore the new Veteran's Memorial Park nearby.  Tyler had spotted the water wall from the road and insisted that we check it out.

Sunday we explored the Natural Science Museum in Raleigh (no photos that day).  It just happened to be the grand opening weekend for their new wing, which was cool but very crowded.  Tyler's opinion of the outing?  "Awesome.  And boring."  (haha)  The kids love museums and learning new things, but they like to go through them at warp speed and get annoyed at us constantly stopping to read the information.
We finished up the day by wandering around the (big) mall and having dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  mmmm

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