Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 Week 14

Easter week - lots of fun going on!  Tyler's class had a fun little easter egg hunt on Thursday.  I was able to go help hide the eggs so I could watch all the fun.

Friday marked the beginning of Spring Break, and as if the week ahead wasn't enough time off, the kids only had half day at school.

Saturday was a lot of fun.  We took the kids bowling in the morning and as usual had a fun time at that.  Neither Sam and I were bowling well at all so the scores were pretty close together the whole time.  I did manage to edge him out and win the game (probably the first time I've topped his score bowling).  The snowcone stand next to the bowling alley was open, so after grabbing a quick lunch and doing some shopping we went back and had snowcones. 

The kids have been wanting to roast marshmallows for a couple weeks now and the weather and the timing finally worked out.  So put the fire pit to work for the first time this year and dinner was hot dogs and marshmallows.
And as our tradition is to color eggs on the day before Easter, we also did that on Saturday.  This year we used a paint roller kit instead of the dye.  The kids really liked it and got pretty creative with their eggs.

Easter day was a great day as well.  Not as busy as the day before, but still a lot of fun.  The kids went through their baskets first thing in the morning.  Breakfast was wonderful home made cinnamon rolls (Sam's a great cook when he has the time and inclination), and while those were cooking the kids entertained themselves with the art kits from their baskets.
It was still a little chilly when we went outside to hunt eggs, but that didn't detract from the fun at all.  The kids got a lot of great stuff, including new balls (soccer ball for Kate, basketball for Ty), a Hello Kitty watch for Kaitlyn, and some Kinex monster trucks for Tyler.  And of course plenty of candy and other fun items.  Some of Tyler's eggs held new darts for his Nerf gun and we had a lot of fun having shooting contests (using the windows as our targets) multiple times during the day.

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