Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Week 13

 Spring, spring, spring spring, SPRING!  Love it!  It's hard to stay inside while the sun is shining, and the very frequent rain storms are frustrating because we're itching to get outside again.  And the more things start growing, the more we wanted to get started on the spring yard work.  We did manage to work in the time tackle most of it this week (among our regular duties and those pesky rain storms).  Tyler was fascinated by the lawn mowing I guess.  He followed Sam around the entire front yard as he mowed.  It was pretty funny.
On top of the lawn mowing, fertilizing, overseeding in the back yard (oh how I hope that grass will start growing - it's yucky back there!), and treating for bugs we also extended a couple of the flower beds and I re-stained the back deck.

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