Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 Week 15

View out the front window first thing most mornings lately:  Sam starting up the motorcycle.  More than once this week when he fires it up, Tyler (who presumably was still asleep) hops out of bed and makes a beeline out the front door to give his dad a hug before he leaves for the day.  It's really cute.

Spring Break!  With Sam working hard at the base (since more than one of his coworkers was out for their own spring break, plus drill weeked) the kids and I were on our own for entertainment this week.  Kate and Ty were happy to spend a lot of their time outside playing with friends.  And we worked in a few fun outings. 
Strawberry picking with the Grach family.  I knew Kaitlyn would love it and thought Ty would be ok with it and was suprised by exactly how much they enjoyed it.  Kaitlyn stuck to her own little section and busily picked and picked, filling more of the buckets than the rest of us.  Tyler ran up and down picking berries now and then as he went and having a lot of fun.  The kids wouldn't let us leave until we had filled everyone's buckets to overflowing and we ended up with 12 pounds of strawberries!  Of course then we had a lot of fun eating them plain and trying a few new recipes like strawberry turnovers and fruit leather.  Kaitlyn LOVES strawberries and probably ate at least 5 pounds all by herself.
Grandma and Grandpa Marchant sent kites for Easter so we took them out one afternoon.  Once Tyler's was in the sky he had very little trouble keeping it up.  In fact, he complained that he couldn't get it down!  Kaitlyn was working on flying hers all on her own and has almost mastered it.

On Friday a whole group of our neighbors/friends met up at the small children's museum in Fayetteville.  The building is pretty much just one big center for Playing Pretend, with different sections for everything from a grocery store and hospital to a theater stage and a TV newscaster's desk.
When the kids had enough of the museum we went to the park for a picnic lunch and a little play time. 

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