Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Week 13

Friday afternoon the neighborhood work party started in on my yard. We moved a few bushes and put in the edging. Sam and I finished it up Saturday morning with the weed paper and the mulch and oooh does it look good! That black mulch really makes the colors of everything else pop. In the process, we discovered that our yard has a few critters and some really strange mushrooms/ fungus (at least we're guessing that's what it was - ew). A salamander was hiding by the bushes in the front and scared me when I almost grabbed him. My neighbors wouldn't quit teasing me for screaming and running :) And Sam found the frog among the other bushes. We put him in a tote to show the kids, then dumped him out again in the middle of the yard. He sat there for a while being still as he could be like "if I don't move you can't see me!" Kaitlyn came back outside to check him out again and even got daring enough to touch him while he sat there. Eventually he hopped back into the bushes. I'm assuming both our little friends are still out in the yard somewhere and don't intend to move then in the hope that they will help keep the nasty bug population down.
Saturday was a very busy day. After the yard work (which we only finished because Kaitlyn's allergies were bugging her really bad and she didn't want to go to her soccer practice - we took Tyler to soccer. We went home for lunch and to pack then the kids and I were on our way to spend the rest of the weekend at Audrey's.

As always, we had a great time with Audrey and her family. Scott was nice enough to offer to watch ALL the kids (including the baby) so Audrey and I could do something fun. So nice! (thanks again Scott!) We ended up going out to dinner then wandering around TJ Maxx/Home Goods. The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, dealing with kids (I'm sad to say Tyler was being quite a handful and Kaitlyn with her allergies and being tired from late nights had her own whiney moments too), and slightly less than our usual bit of crafting. We finished up our fun weekend by letting the kids "swim" in the hot tub while we tried to capture some decent 2 month old photos of Lilly. She's a cutie but she REALLY didn't want to pose for photos and there are very few with any "real" smiles.

The rest of the week is kind of a blur. Sam was nice enough to clean most of the house while we were gone, so catching up from the previous busy week and weekend wasn't as bad as it could have been. We also had a few days of heavy rain and cold temps so plenty of time was spent inside hiding from the weather. In fact, I now remember we even had some snow at Audrey's Monday morning. Spring weather is so random.

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  1. The yard looks great! I can now see most of my yard. Now if it just doesn't snow any more!
    Glad you had fun with Audrey and kids!