Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Week 15

Surprise package from Grandma Alene (left behind for this purpose on her last visit) contained some fun toys, including this strange foam play-doh stuff.

Ty, getting a little too independant - he got down the chocolate milk mix by himself when he wanted a refill and filled the cup up to the brim with powder.

Grandma Alene is in town! She flew in Monday and has been having a lot of fun playing with the kids. Ty brought some of his toys downstairs so he could play closer to us (and temp Gma to get down on the floor and play trucks more often too).

Sam getting an unexpected day off Tues meant Mom and I could have a Girls Only shopping day - yay!

Mom in town also night!

Wed night, date night at Cheesecake Factory. The kids, of course made caramel popcorn at home while we were gone.

Thursday morning happened to be another awards assembly for Kaitlyn (that's two in a row that have fallen during Gma's visits). She got a Star Reader and Star Math award but what she really wanted was a "medal" which is only given to one child in the class. We're not sure how they earn it.This time Grandma came prepared with all kinds of projects and things to do with the kids.

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