Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Week 12

Spring is definitely here. At one point temperatures hit the 80s! That had us scrambling to pull out the shorts and flip flops. And also had me wondering how I'm going to handle the summer if it's this hot and it's only March. Of course the spring weather was a tease and cooled off again toward the end of the week.

We spent the week just trying to get things done around here. I bought a paper shredder and Kaitlyn helped me shred the stack of paperwork that has been sitting there since I changed out the files in January.

And the whole neighborhood started to focus on their yards. A couple of my friends/neighbors went in together on a load of mulch and seeing how much work they had ahead of them I pitched in to help. What I intended to be just a couple hours assisting them turned into a three day long neighborhood work party. It was tons of work, but now both their yards look fantastic and so does mine, since they had way too much mulch and the final afternoon we started in on my yard so we could use up the rest of it. And I have to say, big projects like that are so much more fun when you have friends working right along side you.

Tyler thought the yard party was great. Digging in the dirt is his favorite thing, of course. And the neighbor has some great Star Wars toys in her garage that he and our neighbor, Hanna (the only two in our little group of friends that aren't old enough for school and have to hang out with the moms all day) loved playing with. (in the photo, Ty is the one in the middle with the red shorts and the "storm trooper" helmet)

We also tested out our sprinklers in order to find all the heads so we wouldn't hit them when we install the fence. And sadly, we found some leaks and other issues that had to be dealt with. The contractor's landscape guy had to come back three separate mornings and add two more sprinklers, but I'm fairly certain we now have fully functioning sprinklers that cover all parts of the yard. Bring on summer! (ok, don't really bring on summer. I actually like Spring quite a lot)

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