Friday, April 8, 2011

2011 Week 14

Started our Friday morning off with a trip to the dr's office to discuss Kaitlyn's allergies. Looks like she's going to be on a daily dose of meds for at least the next two months while the pollen count is high so that hopefully we can avoid any more big coughing attacks. We also have the rescue inhaler if she needs it.

Friday was also April Fool's. For once, I planned a few very easy tricks and was glad I did because Kaitlyn was really into it. Thursday night I enlisted her help pinning all of Sam's underwear and Tshirts together in his drawers. Kaitlyn was SO excited to see his response and Sam didn't disappoint. After he got dressed he went into her room and woke her up by saying "hey look it's snowing." Then told her (in a joking voice) she better not mess with his clothes anymore. She thought it was so funny. I sent the gummy worm in the apple with Kaitlyn for snack. And did the jello instead of juice/punch for the kids for dinner. Again, Kaitlyn thought it was great, even though the prank was on her. I caughter her in our room later that night pinning the sheets to the bed on Sam's side. She told me she was tricking just him but sure enough when I went to bed the little monkey had pinned my side of the bed too. I think it's great that she is starting to show some of her creative/playful side more.

Once again, the kids had soccer on Saturday. It took a little convincing to get Kaitlyn to go, since she was still afraid of having a coughing attack but I think she was glad she did. She always has fun at soccer.

Tyler is usually very enthusiastic about his soccer practice. In fact, one of the coach/volunteer dads told us he calls Ty "giggler" (partially I'm sure because until today he didn't know his name). But he must have worn himself out playing on the park while Kaitlyn was practicing because he kept coming off the field to join us on the bleachers and after half an hour we gave up and left.
See that? The yellow stuff is all the nasty pollen that has been blown onto everything around here. I swiped that stuff off the front door but it's also coating pretty much everything outside. Even I, myself, am showing signs of allergies and have taken Claritin to combat it some of the days this week. Doesn't seem to be bothering Sam too much though when he's usually the one combating them. Strange. The rest of the week wasn't all that interesting. I spent a whole day cleaning the carpets, couches, car upholstery, etc. Another day running errands. No wonder the photos this week are so scarce.

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