Thursday, April 1, 2010

Week 13

Our first crocus was blooming this week - yay Spring!

Then April Fool's hit - and the trick is on us because after 2 days of non-stop snow the yard once again looked like this. This photo was yesterday during the small amount of time the sun peeked out. There is at least another 4-6 new inches out there this morning. Looks like the Easter Bunny may be hiding eggs inside this weekend.
(Same lamp post, different angle - I wasn't gonna leave the porch! lol) Kaitlyn was pretty much the only one that got a kick out of April Fool's Day. She came home from school talking about it and "tricking" us every few minutes. Her idea of a trick is misdirection. As in: "look Mom, a purple bus!" "April Fool!" After the 300th time it wasn't funny so I declared April Fool's Day over on the drive home from soccer.

Yes, I said soccer. Kaitlyn played her first 2 soccer games this week. She loves it! They won their first game on Tuesday, despite it being utter chaos. It's so funny to watch such small children, drowning in their brand new uniforms, gamely running after the ball, not knowing much of anything about the game. :)
They have games twice a week for the next 6 weeks (minus Spring Break). Intense. I don't get why they don't have actual practices on top of games. But oh well. Kaitlyn is enjoying it and seems to be learning just fine on the field. We just tell her "always watch the ball" and "it's ok, you don't have to be nice when you play soccer."
She scored her first goal yesterday (one of two for the team that day, didn't win that one)!
She had her dad outside with her, practicing as much as she could the few days before she started games (I love the way she always wants to be prepared for things) and I'm sure they'd be out there very day still if only we had some bare grass.
(don't adjust your screens - they really are day-glo yellow uniforms! They're much much brighter in person)

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