Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 14

Spring Break! Actually it's not as exciting as it sounds. We pretty much did nothing. Not that I didn't think about it. But we can't go on vacation right now. And though I THOUGHT maybe I could plan at least one fun thing a day, in the end I was just to lazy to make a list and carry it out. I still think Kaitlyn had fun so that's all that really matters.

I put off blogging about this week for much longer than I should have but I'm trying my best to remember what we did. Kaitlyn got to play with friends ALL DAY LONG both Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I did pull out a fun little surprise for them - a kids cookbook and fun measuring cups and spoons. The first recipe we tried (due in part to being limited to what we had available for ingredients) was what Ty calls "mile face" (smile face) sandwiches. And um...Thursday. I'm not sure what we did in the morning but we did spend some time at my mom's house in the afternoon so we could sew the sashes on the dance skirts.

We had some decent weather this week. The kids were very excited to play with their bubble stuff and had it out more than one day.

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