Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 13

Easter weekend was a busy one this year. The kids started the celebrating on Friday with an egg hunt at the rest home after dance class. I'm told they enjoyed it. I was off shopping with Bonnie, who was in town for the weekend.
The weather was horrible, with cold and snow and mud. So all the Easter Bunnies hid the eggs inside. Wyatt and Bonnie did an egg hunt for the kids at Mom's house on Saturday. They even had some glow in the dark ones hidden in the window-less rooms in the basement which I thought was a cool idea. Ty, on the other hand, didn't get that they glowed and kept turning on the light.

Saturday afternoon we decorated a few boiled eggs. The kids always enjoy that and this year we were (for once) able to keep the miss to a minimum. (does everyone know the whisk trick? I just learned it this year) I almost wished we had done more than 6. But Sam and Kate are the only ones that eat boiled eggs so it would have been a waste.

The Easter Bunny showed up in fine form on Sunday. We had eggs hidden all over the living room and kitchen and all kinds of fun stuff in the baskets, including new soccer balls for the kids. Once we had collected and emptied all the eggs we headed down to brunch and another egg hunt with Sam's family.

Whew. That's a total of FOUR egg hunts in one weekend. Plus Rhonda dropped off a basket for the kids too. Can we say candy overload? I think we have twice as much as we did on Halloween!

PS - still kicking myself for not pulling out the camera and taking a photo of the kids all dressed up. By the time I thought about it they had been wrestling with their cousins all day and were a mess.
Oh and the rest of our week? Typical. Normal. Blah.
And will someone PLEASE make it stop snowing?!?

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