Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 12

Friday brought - haircuts! As I've said before, I always procrastinate scheduling haircuts so when I do finally get them for myself or the kids it's a Big Event. Tyler, of course needed one - poor guy looks like a ragamuffin most of the time (why do boys need haircuts so often?!) And as part of my promise to myself at the beginning of the year (to try to take better care of myself and not look like a frumpy frazzled mommy all the time) I finally got highlights (to camouflage the *yikes* GREY HAIR). I have to say, I LOVE the new haircut and have patiently blow-dried and straightened it every day for a week now.

We took the kids to see the play If You Give A Mouse A Cookie - so cute! It was the perfect way to introduce Tyler to the theater (Katy saw her first play of Beauty and the Beast last summer). He was mesmerized the entire time (it helped that it only lasted an hour with no intermission) and both the kids thought it was really funny. Sam was able to meet us for dinner and the show, the only time we got to see him this week. He had to spend the rest of the week at the base (including nights), which none of us are happy about since he's just been gone way too much lately.

Horrible photo. I love the portability of my small camera but I just can't get it to take decent photos. Sam thinks I'm now spoiled from using my Canon, but I'm really starting to wonder if there's something wrong with the camera. It can't all be operator error can it? Anyone that has a Nikon Coolpix, please weigh in on this one.

We've been having yo-yo weather. One minute it's sunny and almost warm, the next we're getting snow. It's getting old and I'm starting to really wish Spring would show up and stay. But we try to enjoy being outside as much as possible and have been on lots of walks/bike rides this week.

Kaitlyn entered the school's Creative Challenge this year. Their awards ceremony was Wednesday night and Kaitlyn came home with a FIRST PLACE medal for the visual arts category for Kindergarten-1st grade. We're so proud of her and she's SO happy about winning. She wore her medal everywhere for 2 days straight and proudly showed it off not only to grandma and grandpa (and Uncle Mark and Janette who were visiting), but had to take it to school to show her friends and teacher, to Ken's Kash to show Larry (the new owner who loves to give the kids candy or balloons every time they go in), and to the rest home to show all the "old folks" (you can blame that politically incorrect term on my mom). Some of the kids entered more than one category and came home with 2 or 3 medals and Kaitlyn is determined to do the same next year. She's already talking about a story line for the book she's going to write.

End of the 3rd term at school and (no surprise) Kaitlyn brought home a shining report card.

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