Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 16

Family time over the weekend included Saturday morning at the pool. Errands on Sunday morning, then an outing to the park.

We had to, of course watch the last of the NASCAR race. See the concentration? They were watching replays of a wreck :)

Sunday afternoon was spent organizing the garage. Monday I was still on a spring cleaning kick and washed windows, restained the back porch, and refinished the kids' picnic table. The bad weather hit on Tuesday and the rest of the week was spent inside doing not much of anything. Sam was home for the week so we took an afternoon and sorted through most of the stuff we've been storing under the house - ending up with a truck full of stuff to donate. It's so nice to be getting to the end of our Spring Cleaning list. Hopefully the weather will get back in the spring spirit here soon.

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