Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 11

Highlights for the week:
Friday -took the kids ice skating for the first time! (Kaitlyn's request) They really enjoyed it but weren't even close to being able to (or daring to) skate on their own. It was quite a work out for Sam and myself.

Wednesday - St Patrick's Day! The leprechauns snuck into our house the night before, turning the milk and the toilet water green, leaving out a few messes, and making a criss-cross trail of green yarn that eventually led to a little pot of gold (Rolos) and green (toys, bubble bath, bath soap, and juice boxes) for the kids. Sam and I gave the kids green shirts so they were sure to have plenty of green for the day. (forgot to take a photo though!) We had lucky charms with green milk for breakfast. Lunch was a green "fuit shake" (fruit and spinach smoothie - the recipe was right, no one noticed the spinach!) with their macncheese.
Kaitlyn said they also made leprechaun traps at school and ended up catching one during recess. What a fun day!
We were also able to spend the afternoon with my good friend Audrey and her kids as a goodbye before they made the big move out of state.

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