Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 10

With Sam home again we jumped right into family fun time for the weekend. On Friday we took the kids to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. It's something Kaitlyn has been asking to do for a while. She was excited to show Tyler all the things that she remembered from the last time we visited (when Ty was only a baby), especially the sand pit where they got to dig for bones. They both had so much fun we had to walk through the whole thing twice. Then Sam got his wish and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Also on Kaitlyn's list of Things To Do With Daddy was going to the pool (since I don't like to take the kids by myself) so we did that Saturday. The kids get to be better and better swimmers every time we go and it gets easier and easier to take them. Now if we could only get to the point where they could go on the big slide all by themselves so we wouldn't have to climb all those freezing stairs.

The rest of the week was fairly normal, with Sam spending the weekdays down at the base (nights too).

A couple of everyday shots.

Tyler and Tuffy have a special bond. Every time we go over to Grandma's house Tuff rushes to Ty and whines until he pets him. It's amusing because Tuff isn't usually friendly with kids. And of course Tyler loves the attention and being told that Tuffy is "his" dog.

The kids spend part of their day, almost every day, dancing on Kaitlyn's bed to her music. The "audience" is optional :) though I thought this particular line-up amusing enough to snap a photo. Kaitlyn is a HUGE music lover and has her CD player or MP3 player going most of the time.

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