Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 9

It's been a fun week. We started with a grown-up slumber party for Rhonda's birthday. It's so fun to just hang out with the girls - fondue, girl talk, lots of goodies, and chick flicks are the best.

The kids were so cute - they had a really affectionate day where they wanted to sit right by each other, gave each other lots of hugs and kisses, and were just adorable.

The school has been really concentrating on reading. They had a celebration for Dr. Seuss' birthday. All the kids wore their pajamas to school and they did fun activities. Kaitlyn's class made hats (like Cat in the Hat) and had Green Eggs and Ham (Katy said she didn't try it. Why am I not surprised?)
They also had a Family Literacy Night on Wed at the school. They had a free book for the kids in their classroom, and activities to go along with it. Then ice cream sandwiches and some on-your-own reading time in the gym.

And... da da da da (that's a trumpet :P) Sam got home from deployment. WOOHOOO! He had a month-long deployment to Bahrain. Silly man had me (and possibly himself) convinced he was going to be stuck there longer than planned. Then Wed night at 11:13 PM, the phone woke me up. "Open the front door, I'm home!" he said. I was pretty tired and groggy, but oh so happy to see him.

And here's one final photo of my camera ham. Isn't he a cutie? I came home from the slumber party (yeah I didn't actually slumber at the party - I went home at midnight then the kids and I went back in the morning for breakfast) to find Dad sitting up with a sick Ty. But he bounced back pretty quickly, as you can see. He loves seeing his picture on the camera and if I've got it out I can usually count on him saying "get me!" and posing for me at least a couple times before he lets me put it away.

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