Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 4

We have started to call this her Pippy Longstocking Look. She wears those crazy striped tights almost every week to dance. Her after-dance outfits are usually even crazier. She leaves on the tights, adds a denim skirt, and her blue and pink strawberry shirt. But she loves it. So we don't tell her they don't quite "go" with anything lol

This week we:

-made good use of Sam's extra days off and painted the living room - red! We're both loving it. The kids spent the day at grandma and grandpa's while we were painting. Both of them we SO excited about the new color when they got home. The only problem was that I spilled red paint on the carpet - and it wasn't just a little spot. It's taken me most of the week to get it all out but I think I've got it pretty much done now. Finally.
Ty just could not stay out from in front of the camera the whole time I was trying to take a picture. :) Speaking of Ty - on the potty front we are making great improvements. He now lets me know almost every time he needs to go YAY. Not much longer before I can quit devoting such a large part of my attention to that task.
-from painting straight to partying. We had Sam's big birthday party on Saturday. We had a really great turn out (considering it was snowing) and had a great time.

-and the kids have been enjoying all the new snow we keep getting. This was a big pile of snow that Sam and the kids created. He was supposed to turn it into a "snow cave" but I guess Kaitlyn finally got sick of waiting for him to do it and turned it into a snowman yesterday. Ty didn't participate much. He spiked a fever Wednesday night and is pretty congested. Fingers crossed the cold is short-lived and that no one else gets it.

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  1. A fun and busy week! I love your blog background. Supercute!