Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 365

New Years Eve! Happy Birthday to Mom/Grandma!
We spent the morning out shopping - spending some gift cards from Christmas. While we were out we grabbed a little cake for Mom and Kaitlyn and I took it over for a little "birthday party" (Kaitlyn insists that everyone have a party). Kaitlyn placed the candles and after Mom blew them out, she cut up the cake and dished it out all by herself.
In the evening we rang in the new year (almost!) with friends. We had a great time playing games and snacking until we felt guilty about keeping the kids up any longer. They made it until after 11:00 though! And Sam and I WERE awake at midnight - we had just gone to bed after putting the kids down and then spending a few minutes cuddling on the couch and admiring the tree one last time. We were just about to drift off to sleep when our crazy neighbors started banging cow bells (at least that was what it sounded like. We didn't bother to get up to see what or who was making all the noise). Happy New Year!

*I think my count got off somewhere because I do believe I started this little project on Jan 29 last year. Oh well. I'd say that's not bad for keeping track of all those days. Maybe I'll find my mistake if/when I go back to scrapbook this.

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