Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 3

Our family fun activity this weekend was bowling. We all had a blast. The kids are both big enough that they want to do it all themselves and Kaitlyn wants to be the one to help Tyler if he does need help. It was so cute to watch her go up there and line up the "dinosaur" (we call that wooden thing that you roll the balls down that because it had a dinosaur painted on it) for him. Then she'd stand there with her arm around him while they watched the ball roll down the lane. Too cute!
Turns out they are both good bowlers. Kaitlyn won the first game! She was pretty upset during the last half of the second game when she ended up falling behind.
After bowling we took them to the "train restaurant" for ice cream.
Sam had an extra day off, due to Martin Luther King Jr Day so we got one more of our home improvement projects done - new coat racks!

And Happy Birthday Sam! He turned 30 on Jan 19th.
Kaitlyn loves birthdays of any kind and has been looking forward to it for days. She was the first one to tell him happy birthday in the morning and couldn't wait to celebrate when he got home. We game him a blu-ray player and made him dinner and brownies. He's getting a big party with family and friends on Saturday

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