Friday, January 8, 2010

Week 1

"All wrinkled!!" Those wrinkles after being in water too long truly upset Ty. We (er, Sam) first noticed this on Saturday after Sam took the kids to the pool. He said Ty got out of the pool and wouldn't touch a thing - not even his lunch and he was starving! - until the wrinkles went away. Sure enough, after his next long bath and discovering more wrinkles (and showing them to me and the camera) he walked around with his hands held awkwardly in front of him and refused to touch anything for a while.
Only 1 photo in an entire week?! Well that's what happens I guess after a long 2 weeks of party overload followed by the urgent need to organize and clean everything in sight. That's how we all jump into the new year right?
This past week included:
-New Years Day full of cleaning - the tree came down and all the decorations were stored for next year. Then the kids when to Mom's house and Sam and I really got down to business. We steam cleaned the carpet and couches. Wiped down the furniture in the kids rooms and rearranged everything, including switching dressers between the kids rooms so Kaitlyn could have the wider one to diplay all her stuff.
-I had lunch with The Girls on Saturday. We finally managed to get at least 3 of us together for a quick gift exchange (for Christmas) and chat. The kids and Sam went swimming. I did some shopping. The kids had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's and Sam and I were able to meet up for a date. It was a very full Saturday.
-Sam and I started a new challenge - keeping track of "points" on a list of 20 items we are working on every day in the new year. My fav - that Sam has been doing the dishes every day! :)
-Ty got a new "big kid" car seat. Now if we could only get him to buckle himself in.
-survived our first week back on a normal schedule. It was a bit of a challenge getting Kaitlyn ready for school and out the door on time Monday. We were so rushed she had to take dry cereal to eat in the bus line. But we managed better after that.

And the funny quote of the week: Kaitlyn, watching out for her brother but in a hurry to get back to helping me shred some papers "give me the scissors, I'll run with them."

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