Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 5

Oh she was so proud to show us her face painting and the balloon giraffe from the Winter Carnival. Grandma took her on Friday night while Sam and I went to a Jazz game (my first professional basketball game. It was fun). Poor sick Ty stayed home with Grandpa.
Kaitlyn had a wonderful time at the carnival. And she was in LOVE with that butterfly on her face. She refused to wash her face until the paint was mostly rubbed off on it's own. When we told her she should wash it she said "it makes me feel beautiful." How can you argue with that? But those poor tired eyes - looks like she's a bit under the weather too.

His Unibomber look. We put ourselves under house arrest for the weekend, trying to get him to rest and feel better. His eyes were light sensitive so he wore his sunglasses for the better part of 3 days. I spent most of the week operating on very little sleep. Being a mom is tough. And heartbreaking. But Ty's feeling much better now and so far Kaitlyn only has a slight cough. Fingers crossed that's the worst of it for this round.
The rest of the week was mostly unexceptional. Craft day on Wednesday - that was a highlight.

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