Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 241

Kaitlyn's first day of Kindergarten! Oh what an exciting day for our big 5 year old!
We started the day making ABC blueberry pancakes with whipped cream from the can - an extra special treat since we never make pancakes (somehow waffles seem easier) or get canned whip cream. Then Kaitlyn climbed on the bus - tripping along happily after the other kids at the bus stop. Ty and I were instructed to follow the bus so that we could walk Kaitlyn to her class, which we happily did. Katy deposited her bookbag in her locker, her pencils at one of the tables, and was able to play on the playground for a few minutes before the teacher called them inside to start class.
Kaitlyn got home at 1:00, bubbly and excited to tell me all about her day, which mostly involved gingerbread men...? Yeah I was a bit confused too but hey, she loved her first day!

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