Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 235

Today Kaitlyn got to meet her Kindergarten teacher! She was so excited and could hardly wait. But first she insisted on changing into some of her "school clothes."
The school was really busy. We found her classroom and introduced ourselves to her teacher, running into more than one person we knew in the process. Kaitlyn is particulary happy that one of the girls from her dance class is in her class. We found her locker and her cubby, and she played on the Kindergarten playground for a couple of minutes and we reviewed how she would find her classroom when she got off the bus (my only real concern about sending her off to school is that she will get lost in the big world without me). The teacher sent her home with a packet of information for us and her first homework assignment! Kaitlyn was very happy about the homework (just a few "get to know you" type activities), telling me she would work on a little bit every day until it was done. And as soon as we got to my mom's house to pick up Tyler, Kaitlyn sat down and started working on it. Oh, how I love her enthusiasm!

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