Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 230

The clarity. The sharpness. The ultimate close-up (of Tyler's foot - cute!). That can only mean one thing...we replaced my good camera! LOVE IT!
We are still a long way from getting compensated from the parade fiasco (grrr!) and after a rather frustrating week (where that and other things were concerned) Sam and I decided we would at least look into replacing the camera now. So we left the kids with the grandparents and went shopping. Ran into a terrific deal that we couldn't pass up - I even got the telephoto lens I've been wanting in the deal. And as Sam says, I'm "happier when you can take photos every day." He's right. I'm happy :)
The rest of our "date" included a terrific dinner at Texas Roadhouse and a stop at a car dealership to test drive an Avalanche. Sam's current obsession is pricing new trucks. Daily (on the internet). Even though we aren't going to get a new truck until November. But I got my camera, so he got a test drive. I wasn't even upset when he got us sucked into going inside the dealership to talk prices for a minute and got stuck there for WAY too long.

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