Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 236

The "copter" at the Outlets. The 4-5 ride on thingy's at the mall are one of the kids favorite things - even when I don't have any quarters with me.
Today we were off shopping again - but this time for my cousin's baby. My cousin and her baby are visiting my mom for a few days and we tagged along on their outing. Have to say, not a good day for me to take the kids shopping. Ty tried to get himself lost at every store. And when I wasn't chasing him, I was taking one of the kids to the bathroom. The easiest part of the day was actually when the kids and I had enough and I decided to run to WalMart on my own and then head home. A combo of threats and bribes kept Ty in the cart and we breezed through the store (and the one additional potty stop) - phew!

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