Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 154

We took the kids fishing today. It was beautiful up there (we went to Smith and Morehouse reservoir). Gorgeous. And the kids were really excited and had a lot of fun running around. Fishing with kids however, isn't easy. Especially when the footing by the water isn't suitable for a 2 year old - or even a 5 year old - so that was nerve wracking. And the fish weren't biting so we only stayed an hour.
After naps, we took the kids to a movie. We saw Up, which was cute. And the kids liked it a lot. Tyler was completely mesmerized almost the entire time (and stuffing his face with popcorn the whole time too!).

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  1. What a gorgeous picture. Abbey and I saw Up today also, I cried a lot. lol Cute movie.