Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 133

Mother's Day! My one goal for the day was to get a good photo of me with the kids. It didn't happen, despite us trying and trying two different times - I'm still sad about that part.
Kaitlyn has been planning her surprise for at least 2 weeks, and many times the past week I was instructed to "sleep in until the sun is up" this morning. Hmm...wonder what they were planning?! Kaitlyn woke up at 6:30, right about the time Sam was going to wake her up to help him with breakfast (also per her instructions). He said I should have seen her face as she stumbled out of bed - all rumpled and bleary-eyed but determined to be awake so she could surprise me. My wonderful little sweetheart. They made me pink waffles, and Kaitlyn carried it in to me on her tray, along with a potted flower tree. I spent the whole 20 minutes listening to them bang things about and try to keep my eyes closed :)
Once we were all up and going we headed down to have brunch with Sam's family. And the evening was spent with my family. We went down to the city to treat Mom to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
It was a really great day - except (and I will bug him about this forever) we were so tired when we got home that Sam never washed the breakfast dishes.

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