Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 128

My mom has been out of town for a few days so after naptime I took the kids over there for some grandma time. Turns out that Dad was in the middle of one of his projects - this time making headgates with some extra cement a truck had - and I got sucked into helping him out because the cement was drying too fast. Smoothing the concrete was another first for me and I was really not dressed for it. I also ended up with a few almost-blisters. (Sam had NO sympathy - the brat) But we got it done and I guess they will be functional when they dry.
Then the kids wanted to go for a 4 wheeler ride and the 3 of us ended up having a watergun fight while Mom and Dad were getting ready to go feeding (and on the 4 wheeler). I think I won :)
The kids got to spend some time with their dad, alone while I went to my cousin's (Santay) bridal shower. It's nuts that this child I used to babysit is getting married! Anyone else really starting to feel their age?

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