Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 93

Cute huh? I had a hard time deciding on a photo for today because I, personally have been feeling lazy (in need of recovery time from vacation I'm sure) and haven't done anything noteworthy. The kids have been pretty cute in the things they were playing today. Kaitlyn dressed up herself and Hello Kitty as "twins" (with "matching" jewelry and headbands) then pulled out her camera and had Ty pose for a photo with Kitty. She also directed me to get one of her and Kitty. I have also been having fun watching her incorporate things from our trip into her playtime. After lunch she had me play Princess with her. And this afternoon they were playing "rollercoaster" on the seats from the car (that are lined up in our living room waiting for us to put them back in the vehicle). Tyler is usually pretty good about going along with whatever plan his big sister has concocted.

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