Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 90

Today we went to the beach with Sam's aunt Jerilyn and her family, and Colette and her family. The drive to the beach was through the beautiful Napa Valley which was really interesting to see. The beach itself was great! The water was cold and it took a while before we could take off the jackets. But eventually the kids did end up in swimming suits running in and out of the surf and making sand castles/pits all day long. They absolutely loved it. And for Sam and myself, it was the most relaxing day of the trip. Our kids each ended up with one of the older kids as a buddy and they kept them entertained and out of trouble. It was wonderful. Thanks Jerilyn and Paul!

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  1. I love the beach! It's so much fun. My kids always like it about as much as Disneyland itself and it's free!!!